traffic sign Exact Online Training programmes are personalised according to your needs, so that you can get the results you need and make the most of the solution. The training programme includes:

  • Personally focused training
  • Hands-on, real time, learning
  • Problem solving for your organisation
  • Sharing of best practice

There is flexibility on the number of attendees; instruction can be provided one-to-one or for a team. We can deliver the Exact Online training at your premises or online, around the timelines that are convenient for you.

Ideal candidates for Exact Online Training
Training candidates consist of users who may be new to the role and/or new to Exact Online. The candidates may include members of staff from Finance Departments, Accountants in Practice, Accountants in Organisations and Bookkeepers.

Objectives of the Training
With Exact Online training, you will be provided with the tools and techniques for using the software and making the most of it. The objectives of the software training include:

  • Answering questions regarding the features of Exact Online
  • Reassuring users about the correct use of Exact Online
  • Providing additional tips for efficiency
  • Educating about the market place and the ideal solutions for your organisation

Content of the Training
Aside from an outline check agenda, there is no set structure since the order of a course is to cover the topics that are relevant to each organisation we work with. Our first task is to work out an agenda for the training content.

Exact Online On-Line training is by the hour. On site training is typically half a day (3-4 hours with breaks).

Cloud Accounting Services min Organisations large and small must keep accurate records of their finances.

It is essential for any business to have the right accounting software that meets the business needs and operational goals.

Usually an organisation will start out with a basic off-the-shelf product and then stick with it no matter how much they grow or diversified they become. A lot of difficulty can be avoided by choosing appropriate software that can be changed as the business grows. However, if there is a need for a change of accounting software maybe to a cloud based accounting software solution, making the transition while maintaining the integrity of your data can be overwhelming.

We can support you and your organisation with:
  • Making the right decision when it comes to choosing an accounting software solution
  • Implementation of the accounting software
  • Project managing the transition from one software platform to another
  • Guiding you with the timescales, producing a Gantt Chart to detail the migration process
  • Managing the change process so the migration is run smoothly
  • Controlling and backing up the business data so that it is safe and secure
  • Providing you with training on the accounting software to enable users to perform at a high level of competence
  • Provide you with ongoing accounting and technical support

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