goodtillEPOS software that runs on iPads and combines reporting, loyalty programmes and online ordering to transform your customer experience.

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Goodtill ScreenshotOne platform with multiple modules, tailorable to your needs, and you won’t pay for functionality you don’t need. This means maximum flexibility: one system, unlimited deployment scenarios.

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  • iPad-based Point-of-Sale - An elegant, simple and fast till environment.
  • Inventory & Reporting - Data drives insights to build better stores.
  • Cloud & Mobility - Take your shop with you or work on the move.
  • Multi-Outlet - Add new stores easily with centralised views.
  • Loyalty Schemes - Keep customers coming back, time and again.
  • Payment Integration - No re-keying – take any payment instantly.
  • Hardware Integration - Receipt printers, card readers and cash drawers.
  • Software Integration - An ecosystem that opens up better work practices.
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