“We don’t like our current system but it’s too time-consuming and difficult to change.”

“We’re worried we’ll lose all our data.”

“The time and disruption it takes to change our system simply isn’t worth it.”

“We just don’t have the time to change systems now.”

When considering switching financial accounting software, these are all common objections that we hear from organisations time and time again.

But why stay with a system that doesn’t work for you just because you are apprehensive about change? That’s what we call a false economy.

That’s also why Whitegate provide a range of different levels of service, offering as much or as little support with setup and implementation as well as data migration and transfer as you require. This ensures that the transition of both software and data is seamless.

In fact, with our Exact Online support and training you can be up and running from day one, with help and advice just a phone call away.

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