Exact Online has significantly higher functionality than many of the more well-known small business products on the market. It is a ‘true cloud’ browser based SaaS, not ‘cloud washed’ (selling desktop business software as a cloud product). It includes an integral element of CRM such as offering the facility to set up multiple contacts per account, create notes by contact, setup prospects and log opportunities. It is unusual in the world of cloud accounting software because it was developed holistically. Unlike many other suites, the system was designed with many integral features in place - rather than having additional modules bolted on.

Exact Online integrates with AI software so invoices are automatically entered and stored. It has the ability to create multiple budgets/forecasts/re-forecasts for each financial year. It allows you to customise forms such as invoices, statements and remittance advices and assign specific forms to specific accounts. It allows you to configure dashboards showing you the information you want to see.

Exact Online can operate independently of an accountant enabling a clear division of fees. In our experience, Exact Online offers great value for money. It’s extensive but affordable, with a lower price tag for better levels of functionality offered by many others.

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