Times have changed; banking for most is now online and immediate. Gone are the days of writing out cheques for suppliers, paying in cheques from customers and waiting for the bank statement to arrive in the post.

Planning or, to put it another way, having a strategy will help smooth out the negative attributes that creep in when implementing. Taking the time to create a well thought out implementation plan might have the following benefits:

How many times do you here this? I hear it quite a lot but then I ask the question “Why do you do it that way?”

No one has ever said to me, “Well, we looked at the options recently and decided that this way would work best for now”. Perhaps the way it’s being done is fine, it’s easy, you’re used to it and it seemingly works.

What is it that we are trying to achieve and which aims do the objectives sit under? The objective to me is like a mini vision of the future or an element of the vision, a small but important part of it.

Stop, think – don’t rush.

Think about where you want to get to. Just like planning a route or setting the SatNav, it is better to do it before you set off.