Browser based accounting software will probably have ‘Dashboards’. Dashboards show top level summary views of information often in a graphical form.

Providing your accounting data is up-to-date, a dashboard will show you key performance information. A basic financial dashboard might consist of:

  • Total money in bank/cash accounts along with a breakdown
  • Total owed along with an debtors aged analysis graph
  • Total owing along with an creditors aged analysis graph
  • Current Year-to-Date Net Profit along with a Year-on-Year Result graph

Click on any of these and the system should drill down to provide further information.

Dashboards can also be customised for each user to show, for example:

  • Top 10 customers
  • Top 10 items/products sold
  • Year-on-Year Revenue
  • Ratios
  • Exchange Rates

It’s your choice whether the system opens up with a dashboard view and what it displays.