Finding solutions is about coming up with an idea. The idea may solve a problem in one area but in all likelihood may create a perceived problem in another.

For example, an organisation wishes to implement a purchase ordering procedure; makes sense and sounds simple. People are used to ringing up and placing orders without having to do much else. Problem is there is no control or consistent detail or official approval.

No problem…we’ll get people to complete a purchase order document. “But isn’t completing a purchase order document more work for me?” Yes it is to start with. This is because it takes time to get used to and to refine and improve the process. It helps if the person having to change bears in mind the following:

  • Acceptance that the organisation wants to improve
  • Willingness to do the job properly and get the details correct (Finance codes etc.)
  • Acknowledge that it takes time to get used to
  • Appreciate that the aim is to work together for the benefit of everyone
  • Give constructive feedback after having had a few goes