Looking to reduce support and overhead costs on your legacy accounting software? Do you want a tried and trusted, robust, 100% cloud-based accounting solution designed for larger organisations?

It’s my goal to explain the differences between Windows systems and ‘true’ cloud-based accounting systems for medium sized organisations and the differences between cloud accounting for smaller businesses and how a medium sized business will benefit from a more appropriately designed online solution.

There are two key areas that organisations can save money and time. First off are the savings in Service Agreements and Licence and Upgrade Fees and then there are the time saving capabilities of a browser-based solution that, when set up in the right way, uses built-in technology to reduce re-keying and duplication of work.

I work with and recommend Exact Online as it is a true cloud-based accounting system that has been around since 2006. Exact Online offers a host of benefits for the more established organisation. These include its period-based design and flexible GL coding and grouping with multiple cost centres, cost units and item codes all of which can be budgeted against. It also offers full CRM functionality with multiple contacts per account. It has built in Document Management with Purchase Invoice Approval Workflow. And the list goes on...

With a background in Accounting, IT and Change Management, I’ve been implementing Accounting Software for over 28 years. I have market knowledge, a pragmatic approach and the technical know-how to manage a smooth changeover onto Exact Online.

I’ve implemented and supported accounting software in retail head offices, TV & film production, recruitment and marketing companies, not for profit/charities, golf clubs, PR agencies, educational establishments and public sector organisations amongst others.

If you think I may be able to help you or you’re looking for a little advice, please get in touch or connect.