exact online logo Of course there is more than one system on the market that meets these key criteria, but in our experience, Exact Online is the service that most effectively fits the bill. Having implemented this cloud accounting software for many customers, we have seen first-hand how it can impact on an organisation’s business processes, finances and profitability.

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  • Exact Online actually has a significantly higher functionality than many of the more well-known products on the market
  • It is a ‘true cloud’ browser based SaaS, not ‘cloud washed’ (selling desktop business software as a cloud product)
  • It includes an integral element of CRM, such as offering the facility to set up multiple contacts per account, the ability to write notes and the option to categorise accounts
  • Exact Online is unusual in the world of cloud accounting software because it was developed holistically by developers who see the process through. Unlike many other suites, the system was designed with many integral features in place - rather than having additional modules bolted on (sometimes counterintuitively) to meet the changing requirements of the financial world
  • Exact Online is able to store all your electronic documents, thus allowing data to be migrated quickly, easily and accurately
  • Offer useful flexibility to create multiple budgets for each financial year, to personalise forms, to link with Excel, to create multiple contacts for each account as well as configurable dashboards within the system
  • The system can operate independently of an accountant, enabling a clear division of fees
  • It offers the option of flexible and competitively-priced outsourcing of data entry
  • In our experience, Exact Online offers great value for money. It’s extensive but affordable, with a lower price tag for the same (or better) levels of functionality offered by many of the more well-known systems.
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“We don’t like our current system but it’s too time-consuming and difficult to change.”
“We’re worried we’ll lose all our data.”
“The time and disruption it takes to change our system simply isn’t worth it.”
“We just don’t have the time to change systems now.”

When considering switching financial accounting software, these are all common objections that we hear from organisations time and time again.

But why stay with a system that doesn’t work for you just because you are apprehensive about change? That’s what we call a false economy.

That’s also why Whitegate provide a range of different levels of service, offering as much or as little support with setup and implementation as well as data migration and transfer as you require. This ensures that the transition of both software and data is seamless.

In fact, with our Exact Online support and training you can be up and running from day one, with help and advice just a phone call away.

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There’s no avoiding it. VAT returns need to be made online.

Unfortunately many of the accounting systems that claim to offer this service have been added as an afterthought, meaning that they don’t always integrate well with the original software and can be overly complex to use. And of course, every time you are forced to purchase an upgrade, there’s a cost involved.

With Exact Online, there are no additional costs because all the elements you could need are already included. Exact Online has MTD compliancy built in from scratch so it’s an integral part of the system – not an additional extra.

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What is Making Tax Digital?
VAT in the UK will be changing. From 1st of April 2019, HMRC’s Making Tax Digital for VAT comes into effect. This means that many UK companies must change how they prepare and file their VAT Returns.

  • HMRC’s online VAT portal will be closed to most organisations after the 31st of March 2019.
  • VAT Returns must be submitted to HMRC through recognised Making Tax Digital software

Will I be able to submit Making Tax Digital VAT returns with Exact Online?
Yes you will. All of our UK clients will be able to submit Making Tax Digital VAT Returns by April 1st 2019, at the latest. 

Is Exact Online HMRC approved?
HMRC are in the process of validating Exact Online.

What will be the difference between how I'm filing VAT returns in Exact Online now and the Making Tax Digital method?
Exact Online already complies with many of the Making Tax Digital requirements. There are unlikely to be any major changes in the current way of completing your VAT Returns.

Is there anything I can do right now to make sure we're ready for Making Tax Digital?
If you currently file your VAT Return manually via the HMRC Gateway, you could consider changing this so you become familiar with the process now. All you need to do is enable 'File VAT Returns Online' and submit your VAT Return directly from within Exact Online.

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Cloud Accounting on iPhone min Organisations like yours can access business information anytime, in realtime, from any internet-enabled device.

Access to Exact Online is secure and reliable. And because it lives in the cloud, it's simple to set-up, cost-effective to run, and takes the work out of working together.

There's no need for specialist IT knowledge. Flexible, monthly subscriptions mean you only pay for what you need. And 24/7 worldwide access means we can work more closely, more easily.

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Talking About Cloud Accounting min Exact Online is based in the cloud, so you can access business information wherever you are, whenever you need it.

Send invoices from the train. Check realtime financials before the meeting. Import scans of receipts and invoices when you get home.

All you need is an Internet connection and a computer, a tablet or a smartphone to stay up to speed, however fast time flies.

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Exact Online Cloud Accounting Dashboard on Mac min Exact Online Cloud Accounting Software is:

A true Web Browser application
Faster than traditional applications running on a local area network (LAN)
Intuitive to use

There are no workstation installations or database engines to be purchased, maintained, backed up or configured saving time and money.

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Cloud Accounting Security Logos min Needless to say, Exact Online take security extremely seriously. Your data is encrypted in line with the most rigorous industry standards and stored in highly secure data centres. Above and beyond the levels you expect, it is also constantly watched over by independent security experts. After all, over 100,000 organisations use this online solution to keep their information safe.

And it is as reliable as it is secure. Because it lives in the cloud it means no updates to install, no servers to overload, and no investments in IT. Just a stable, dependable, hassle-free business application.

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