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Making Tax Digital for VAT (MTD for VAT) is set to come into effect from 1 April 2019 for businesses which have a taxable turnover above the VAT registration threshold (currently £85,000). Under MTD, businesses will be required to maintain digital records and submit VAT returns using their accounting software.

These days, a lot of cheeky providers make clever use of the general confusion in the market about what’s cloud software or not. They ‘disguise’ their on-premise or hosted business software as bona fide cloud software. They do this by stamping a cloud label on itand offering it in neatly packaged (monthly) subscriptions. In the best case scenario this is actually hosted, single-tenant software.

If you want your organisation to work smarter, cloud accounting could be the way to go. Working in the cloud will give you a solution that grows with your needs and delivers results in an intuitive and easy way providing you with a better overview of your finances and your organisation.

There are some tasks that keep getting put off, they’re not urgent and don’t seem important so they stay on the job list. Then, eventually, many job lists later and when it has become urgent and is beginning to annoy; it’s time to work on it. Half an hour later and, ‘voila’, it wasn’t that difficult to do, it all seemed to make sense and was relatively easy. It turns out that the really hard part was just getting started!

So many options…

  1. Store in Google docs, except that when you really need to access it, there’s no internet!

  1. Save space – reduce manual filing, files and cabinets
  2. Save time – search and retrieve fast on specific criteria

  1. Understand what is currently happening. Describe the current systems and draw out the processes.

Making a start is the important bit as once we have started we tend to get immersed.

  • Tell me and I'll forget
  • Show me and I'll remember
  • Involve me and I'll understand

Allow 10 minutes. Sit down with another user (and a coffee). Watch what they do. Learn from it. If they do something in a different way to you, you may have a suggestion.

Fear of the truth, fear of exposing a weakness, fear of wasting time, fear of spending money?

Why not face the truth, build a strength, save time and save money?

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