Cloud Accounting Solutions

With over 30 years of experience in using and implementing accounting solutions, Whitegate helps Financial Controllers understand the real functionality of a mid tier cloud accounting solution and the associated cost and time savings that can be made.

We can also offer you the expertise needed to plan and implement a smooth and effective transition which will improve your accounting and office administration systems with minimal disruption.

How Whitegate Can Help You

We understand that switching to a new accounting system can be daunting.
That’s why we offer a friendly and impartial consultancy service to advise you every step of the way and provide the technical support needed for a smooth transfer.

Every business is different and has unique needs when it comes to accounting.
We asses each business we work with individually and offer expertise tailored to your needs.

As an overview, we will:

Assess your needs
Assess your needs and help you choose the best software
Transfer data
Transfer your data accurately and smoothly
Provide Training
Provide the right level of training for your new software
Provide Support
Offer a personal level of ongoing service and support
"The changeover was the least troublesome I have ever come across"
Tony Bolger, Group Finance Director
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Tony Reissner
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How improving your Accounting Solutions can drive your business forward

Does your Accounting Software help your business grow?

If you are a Financial Director, Company Director, Manager, Accountant or Bookkeeper, you will know that having the right accounting solution is about so much more than just making the books balance.

The right business accounting software puts you in control. It gives you the information and data that you need to help manage the business, to plan for growth, to identify potential areas of profit and loss – and ultimately to drive the organisation forward.

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Why Cloud Accounting?

Implementing the right solutions can enable your organisation to work smarter and more efficiently.

Cloud solutions offer a greater degree of flexibility with options that grow with your needs. They should deliver results in an intuitive way that help you maintain day-to-day control and make the right strategic decisions.

We offer a secure platform that makes data accessible online anytime and anywhere as long as there is an internet connection. This enables key staff from different geographical locations to connect and access the information they need.

Does your Accounting Software cause you concern?

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Key Features of Cloud Accounting software

for established small and medium sized businesses

Period Based
Period based cloud accounting software allows you to close off each ledger for a specific accounting period.
Multiple Dimensions
Multiple dimensions (cost centres, departments, etc.) allow you to filter your P & L by a specific branch, region or sector.
Multiple budget scenarios down to cost centre & cost unit level allowing you to compare budgets & revised budgets.
Custom Forms
Design your own customised forms such as multiple invoices layouts, statements, reminders and remittances.

What to look for in
Cloud Accounting Software

There are so many financial software solutions on the market; it’s hard to know which one is right for your organisation.

Be aware that not all services sold as 'cloud-based' are true browser based software-as-a-service applications. So, here are the five key features that you should look for when considering cloud accounting software?

1. Flexibility
A good cloud accounting system gives you the information that you need in the format that you need it. It needs to be flexible yet controlled. It needs to offer more than one dimension to store transactions and an easy way of presenting or extracting the information. It needs to have controls and the flexibility for those in control to make adjustments.

2. Access
One of the greatest advantages of using a cloud solution is the fact that it enables secure access to designated stakeholders from anywhere. This also enables easier outsourcing to trusted users. Software services with user-friendly mobile applications are also a sign of a well thought-out, future-proofed solution.

3. Ease of use
The best cloud accounting software is relatively intuitive. You shouldn’t need a degree in finance and accounting to carry out day to day tasks, although interpreting how the resultant data can help you optimise processes may require a little more skill.

4. Time saving
Automation is one of the most significant time saving strategies there is. The right software automates key processes simply, reducing duplication and the need to key information.

5. Secure
Data security is a key issue for every organisation. Any software that you choose must be designed with security in mind to ensure that your valuable data is safe.

Of course, accounting software now needs to be MTD (Making tax Digital) compliant. Many software companies are adding this functionality for an extra charge. Today's accounting software is designed with this already built in and with no extra costs.

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